How Bass Fishing at Night Works

When to Go Bass Fishing at Night

Summer is the usual season for bass fishing, although in warm climates such as Florid­a or along the Gulf of Mexico, the season doesn't really matter. It's good to know, too, that during hot weather months, bass can be found in both shallow and deep water. If you hesitate to take out a boat at night, you can always fish from the banks.

Some anglers believe that there are three "best" times during the night for catching large bass: dusk, midnight and just prior to dawn. You might want to try each time for a few hours and see if the big bass are biting. [source: Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources]

Nights with a full moon are considered prime bass fishing times. Bass have a tendency to feed more during bright moonlit nights. Another bonus of a full moon -- the moonlight cuts down on your need for flashlights or running lights. However, you may need to adjust your lures for moonlight -- more on that topic soon! [source: Hood]

The boat is loaded, the moon is full -- but what's on the end of your fishing line? Read on for some truly alluring tips.