How Bass Fishing at Night Works

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Pat Powers and Cherryl Schafer/Photodisc/Getty Images

You've spent the July afterno­on out on­ the lake fishing for bass, but all you have to show for your efforts is­ sunburn and a headache. It's not you -- every angler you meet says the bass just aren't biting right now, even though this lake is known for its superb bass fishing.

Clearly, it's time for a change. Nighttime bass fishing is the perfect summer fishing experience, although some anglers believe that it works in warm climates in any season. The practice became popular during the 1960s with the introduction of the bass boat.

­In addition to remaining cooler and avoiding sunburn, you'll find other advantages to fishing at night:


  • There's less competition, except perhaps on weekends and holidays. You may not have the entire lake to yourself, but at least you won't be losing your temper from the noise made by pleasure boats, jet skiers or water skiers.
  • Although other anglers may be out, at night it's much more peaceful.
  • Some experienced anglers believe that they catch larger fish at night.
  • During warm days, bass wait until things cool off in the evening to feed, so it's easier to catch them at night.

Now that you're convinced you need to try night fishing, there are other questions to answer. First, when's the best time for night fishing?­