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Las Vegas Shows

While in Las Vegas, take time from shopping and gambling to catch a show. From multiple iterations of the larger-than-life modern circus that is Cirque du Soleil to comedy any way you like it, Las Vegas shows have something for everyone.

Wine & Dining in Las Vegas

With Las Vegas' smorgasbord of buffets, fine dining and wine options, you're sure to find yourself knee deep in gluttony and loving every minute of it.

Excalibur Hotel and Casino

With 2,000 newly remodeled rooms and a prime spot on Las Vegas' Strip, the Excalibur Hotel and Casino offers plenty of action, including superior entertainment, exquisite fine dining and live keno around the clock.

Luxor Hotel and Casino

This Egyptian-themed hotel and casino -- which is housed inside a 30-story black-glass pyramid with a megawatt spotlight at its tip -- offers sprawling skyline views, luxurious accommodations and several high-end retail shops.

Las Vegas Activities

Las Vegas is a city of endless activities. Where else can you be serenaded by Bette Midler, bet on blackjack, shop at Manolo Blahnik, ride a roller coaster through New York New York or get hitched on a dime by an Elvis impersonator?

Mob in Las Vegas

From Mormons to the mob to modern-day glam, Las Vegas wouldn't be what it is today without a little help from some colorful gangsters.

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