West Virginia Scenic Drives

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West Virginia is known for its natural beauty, fascinating history, and warm culture -- and scenic drives are a great way to experience it all. At the bottom of this page, we've provided links to in-depth articles about four West Virginia scenic drives. Containing photos, highlights, and maps, these artices will help you prepare for your driving trip in West Virginia.

Many travel to the state with a specific purpose -- to trace a Civil War battle, take to the whitewater on rafts, or hunt for local crafts -- but find the allure of exploring the state too hard to resist. Historic sites advertised along the state's scenic byways are tempting, and often it's just a short diversion to learn about yet another facet of West Virginia's legendary past.


Here's a preview of what you'll find in our articles about West Virginia scenic drives:

Highland Scenic Highway

This route through the Allegheny Highlands offers four scenic overlooks in a secluded portion of the state. Waterfalls, the Monongahela National Forest, wetlands, and bogs make up just a small slice of this scenic route.

Historic National Road

Northern West Virginia hosts just a small portion of the National Road, and the holidays are the best time to visit -- that's when Oglebay Resort strings millions of holiday lights.

Midland Trail

Adventurers careen down the New River's whitewater or take advantage of a host of outdoor pursuits along this scenic route. It is also a road that commemorates history and culture.

Washington Heritage Trail

George Washington is reported to have soaked in the healing waters of Berkeley Springs, and this scenic route traces his steps through West Virginia's eastern panhandle. Explore early American history and indulge in this diverse region.


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