Vancouver City Guide

Vancouver Hotels Guide

©2006 The Sutton Place Hotel The Mobil Four-Star Sutton Place Hotel-Vancouver offers the ultimate in pampering and is located downtown.

If it's pampering you want, Vancouver hotels have it covered. Vancouver's Mobil Four-Star hotel are the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver (791 W Georgia St) and The Sutton Place Hotel-Vancouver (845 Burrard St), also Mobil Three-Star hotel includes Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver (

), all conveniently located downtown.

A lesser-known gem is the Granville Island Hotel (1253 Johnston St), poised on the quiet end of the island. The historic Sylvia Hotel (1154 Gilford St) on English Bay is a budget option, as is the tiny Buchan Hotel in the West End.

For glamour, consider the Mobil Three-Star Wedgewood Hotel (845 Hornby St) or the Mobil Two-Star Opus Hotel (322 Davie St). Rates are highest in summer, but this climate draws visitors year-round, so the range isn't huge.

Now that you have some tips on where to stay in Vancouver, we'll provide suggestions in the next section on where to eat. Obviously, seafood figures high in our recommendations.