Adventure Travel

When you think of taking a vacation do you dream of relaxing on a beach? Or does your mind turn to something a little wilder -- an African safari or agritoursim chores?

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Times are tight, and everyone's looking to save a buck on travel. Is there a way to get your vacation accommodations for free?

By Amy Hunter

It's kind of like a graveyard up there. Only the dead aren't buried. They're frozen in time -- with climbing ropes still around their waists.

By Charles W. Bryant

If you get angry or stressed out, you might take a jog around the block to sweat it off. In a sweat lodge, you sweat it off for several hours by just sitting still.

By Amy Hunter


There's nothing like spending your Mediterranean cruise with your face hanging into the toilet. Getting seasick can easily ruin a well-deserved vacation. How can you prevent it?

By Charles W. Bryant

The Love Boat isn't so lovely when you get seasick, someone swipes your jeweled watch and all you've got to wear to the formal dinner is cut-offs and a pair of flip-flops. Plan ahead, my friend.

By Charles W. Bryant

In 2008l, aerial photographs showed an undiscovered tribe in the Amazon rainforest. But this tribe isn't exactly "undiscovered." Are the photos propaganda?

By Contributors

If you had to pick one of the seven wonders of the world to visit, you might want to make it this one. The biodiversity swimming within its coral walls is awesome and accessible.

By Jennifer Horton


Who needs land when you have ships that can feed, house and entertain thousands of people in style? But what keeps one of these oceangoing behemoths from sinking like a brick?

By Josh Briggs

Niagara Falls is impressive, but the highest waterfalls in the world are more than 10 times taller. So where are they -- and why are they so rarely seen?

By John Fuller & Matt Cunningham

Agritourism helps small farmers keep business alive by supplementing traditional farm work with tourism. But would you pay to do chores on a farm?

By Robert Lamb

Lost greens fees, plane crashes and cancelled concerts all fall under the umbrella of travel insurance, but is it a scam? Or is it something you should consider while you browse flights and check hotel prices?

By Charles W. Bryant


When you think of taking a vacation, do you dream of relaxing on a beach? Or does your mind turn to something a little wilder -- kayaking through the Amazon, cave diving in Mexico, paragliding in the south of France? If you have a taste for the unusual, adventure travel might appeal to you.

By Charles W. Bryant

For many of us, the first word that comes to mind at the mere mention of the simple term "timeshare" is -- "Scam!" Find out how timeshares work, if they're a good investment and how to spot the scams.

By Ed Grabianowski

It's easy being green and socially responsible when going eco-lodging. See how conservation meets tourism in this overview.

By Allison Klein

There's nothing like hearing the roar of a lion in the night, especially when the only thing between you and that lion is your canvas tent wall. Are you ready to go on a safari?

By Patrick J. Kiger


Feel like going skating or SCUBA diving? Or maybe you'd like to take in a broadway show after having a gourmet meal. You can do all this and more on a cruise.