Adventure Travel

When you think of taking a vacation do you dream of relaxing on a beach? Or does your mind turn to something a little wilder -- an African safari or agritoursim chores?

Unless you have an entourage of people to carry around all your bags, you'll want to pack light. So what's the best way to bring the least when you travel?

The road trip is an American tradition, and some drives are simply more beautiful than others. If you're looking to tour the country by car, which scenic routes should you take?

There are some views so magnificent that people travel across oceans and continents to see them. What are they?

The political status of Tibet has been hotly contested since the middle of the 20th century, but there’s much more to this Asian plateau than governmental disputes. Check out photos of the incredible vistas, culture and architecture of the region often called the "rooftop of the world."

What's your idea of paradise -- basking in the sun on a white sand beach or frolicking through fields of lavender in provincial France? Sit back, relax, and take a tour of the most calming locales in the world.

If you live in a sprawling city, it's probably hard to imagine what "remote" would even be like. But many, many miles out on the lonely sea, one sparsely inhabited island fits the bill.

When you're away from home, it takes more than a sharp eye and a tight grip on your luggage to protect yourself from theft and fraud. Take a look at this list to find out the most common techniques for separating you from your money.

It isn't necessarily advisable to visit any of these areas. But then again, if you're willing to take the risk, you'll get to explore places most people will never have the guts to see.

Italy pictures show the sights and landmarks of Italy from city to countryside. Check out pictures of Italy.

The island nation of Japan is home to natural wonders, historical buildings and ultramodern cities. See Japan’s incredible architecture, elaborate festivals and natural wonders in this photo gallery.

From the Outback to the Sydney Opera House, Australia is home to a wide range of natural and cultural beauties. See pictures of Australia's most incredible sites in this gallery.

Climate, disease, killer animals and poisonous plants can all make a place pretty inhospitable. But nothing can compromise an area the way human conflict can. Where's our world's scariest spot?

On today's clogged interstates, an illicit cross-country car race is practically impossible. But back in the days of the open road, it was just another hilarious idea. Who won this race?

Back in the early '90s, programming execs decided the Olympics were too staid for easily distracted youths. Enter the X Games, a high-speed collection of extreme sports that demand attention.

Antarctica wasn't even formally explored until the 19th century. But today, it's becoming somewhat of a tourist destination. What's to see and do on this icy continent?

Everybody wants to be like Mike -- Michael Jordan, that is. At his fantasy camp, average basketball fans get to play pick-up with their hero. Are you thinking, "where do I sign up"?

Willie Nelson said mamas shouldn't let their babies grow up to be cowboys. But one week of playing cowboy at somebody else's ranch never hurt anyone, right?

Times are tight, and everyone's looking to save a buck on travel. Is there a way to get your vacation accommodations for free?

It's kind of like a graveyard up there. Only the dead aren't buried. They're frozen in time -- with climbing ropes still around their waists.

For some folks, taking a vacation from ordinary life means making a difference in someone else's. Where can you travel if you'd like to help out communities in need?

If you get angry or stressed out, you might take a jog around the block to sweat it off. In a sweat lodge, you sweat it off for several hours by just sitting still.

There's nothing like spending your Mediterranean cruise with your face hanging into the toilet. Getting seasick can easily ruin a well-deserved vacation. How can you prevent it?

Flying and driving can burn a hole in your wallet. They can also burn a hole in the ozone. How can you take a greener trip?

The Love Boat isn't so lovely when you get seasick, someone swipes your jeweled watch and all you've got to wear to the formal dinner is cut-offs and a pair of flip-flops. Plan ahead, my friend.

Safaris offer the chance to come face-to-face with nature's exotic and sometimes dangerous animals. Watch out -- unlike a zoo, there are no protective walls on these journeys.