10 Harrowing Survival Stories


Lost in the Outback

In April 2006, ranchers in a remote area of Australia were shocked when a skeletal figure appeared at their cattle station. The man, Ricky Megee, thought that his car had been stolen after he was drugged by a hitchhiker. The last thing he recalled was breaking down while he was driving along the Buntine highway near the border of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. He told police that he awoke to find dingos scratching at him.

Suffering from exposure and malnutrition, McGee lived off of a diet of leeches, insects, snakes, frogs and lizards for 71 days. He drank water from a dam and constructed a makeshift shelter. Luckily, McGee's ordeal took place during the wet season, and he was able to obtain enough water to drink. He weighed 230 pounds (105 kilograms) before he got lost and weighed 105 pounds (48 kilograms) when he was finally rescued.