10 Harrowing Survival Stories


Rappelling Gone Wrong

What began as a simple day trip from their campsite in Chute Canyon, Utah, quickly turned into disaster for brothers Justin and Jeremy Harris. As the brothers were rappelling down a huge boulder, Justin slipped and broke his leg. With nightfall fast approaching, Jeremy set out for camp four miles (6.4 kilometers) away. Unfortunately, Jeremy made a wrong turn and went two miles (3.2 kilometers) down another canyon.

Eventually, after more than 20 grueling hours, Jeremy made it to the campsite, and he was later treated for hypothermia and shock at a local hospital. Meanwhile, Justin attempted to keep his leg elevated, trapped on a ledge for more than 36 hours.

Rescuers had to tie Justin to lift him 450 feet (136 meters) up a rock cliff. A rescuer put a blanket over Justin's head so he wouldn't see the height during the five-hour hoist to the helicopter waiting above.