How Going Over Niagara Works

Niagara Daredevils

As of 2004, 16 daredevils have made documented trips over Niagara Falls. Eleven have survived. Psychologists who have studied male daredevils say that they have higher levels of testosterone, but lower levels of a chemical that regulates pleasure and arousal. So, basically, they have a slightly different biochemistry that makes them need a higher level of excitement than those of us less inclined to seek out dangerous situations. Many of the daredevils who have gone over the Falls have been described by their friends as "having no fear" of doing anything.

As the allure of the Falls grew, law enforcement began trying to prevent people from attempting the stunt. There is now a law against going over the Falls, referred to as "stunting without a license." The current fine is $10,000. That law didn't stop many of these daredevils, though. In the following sections, you'll find out their stories.