10 Ways a Survival Bracelet Can Save Your Life

Just because you're roughing it doesn’t mean ignoring good dental hygiene! A piece of paracord can pinch-hit for floss. iStockPhoto/Thinkstock

Flossing isn't just good hygiene, it could save your life. Noting a link between inflamed gums and heart disease, medical professionals say proper dental care -- brushing and flossing -- can help ward off coronary problems like atherosclerosis. If left unattended, bacteria that builds in the gums can later enter the bloodstream and inflame blood vessels, contributing to heart problems [sources: UPI, Alvarez].

Just because you're out on the trail doesn't mean you should neglect your gums. If you run low on floss, use tiny piece of paracord from your survival bracelet to clean out any meat or game between your teeth and keep them healthy. Whether you should reuse the floss for the rest of the trip is a matter for you and your dentist to discuss [sources: Survival Bracelet].