10 Ways a Survival Bracelet Can Save Your Life

Start a Fire
The survival bracelet is generally made from woven paracord and can be 8 to 20 feet long. Use a string from its "guts" to make a firestarter. Survival Supplies

File this one under "advanced survival bracelet uses" as it can be a little tricky and requires some practice. A strand from your bracelet comes in quite handy in executing the "bow" method of starting a fire, which uses -- as you might guess -- a handmade bow to create friction between two pieces of wood (the spindle and fireboard).

Make an arm's length bow -- kind of like the ones used for shooting arrows -- by tying paracord to both ends of a bendable branch. Find a stone to use as a "socket," a skinny piece of wood for the spindle and a fireboard, a flat(ish) piece of wood with a small V-shape notch carved into it. Put some tinder in the notch, loop the bow string around the center of the spindle and place one end of the spindle in the notch. Hold the spindle in place with the socket at the other end and move the bow back and forth quickly in a sawing motion to create friction and then heat [source: McKay].