10 Ways a Survival Bracelet Can Save Your Life

Go Fishin'
Use the bracelet cord to create a fishing line. iStockPhoto/Thinkstock

Right next to shelter on the hierarchy of human needs is food. Unweave your survival bracelet and attach a hook and bait to some paracord and you'll be fishing for dinner in no time [source: US Paraband].

If you don't have a hook or you're not keen on casting and re-casting your line, the bracelet's interior strands can also be used to make a gill net, catching fish that swim into it by trapping their gills in twine or other material, like small strands of paracord. Use a heavier rope (or thicker piece of paracord) for the net's top and bottom lines and string the net in between, looping it in holes small enough to trap the fish that swim in [source: Rosman].