10 Ways a Survival Bracelet Can Save Your Life

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Dick Proenneke: 30 Years Alone in the Alaskan Wilderness

Dick Proenneke: 30 Years Alone in the Alaskan Wilderness

HowStuffWorks learns more about Dick Proenneke, who lived 30 years alone in Alaska as a survivalist and conservationist.

Author's Note: 10 Ways a Survival Bracelet Can Save Your Life

Long before he was solving whodunits as a member of the "Law & Order: SVU" team, rapper/actor Ice-T starred in a little action flick called "Surviving the Game." In it he played Jack Mason, a homeless man swept up off a Seattle street by a kindly entrepreneur (Rutger Hauer) who asks Mason to serve as his hunting guide during an excursion to a remote area of the Pacific Northwest. Once he gets there, it's not long before Mason realizes that the businessman and his pals -- a group that includes one Gary Busey -- will be hunting Mason for sport over the course of a leisurely long weekend. Relying on a mix of street smarts and Army training, Mason survives the "game," including a strange sequence of events that includes exploding SUVs, mano-a-mano fistfights and a backfiring gun. Ice-T doesn't need no stinking bracelet.

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