10 Ways a Survival Bracelet Can Save Your Life

Make a Shelter
You can use the cord from your bracelet to lash a lean-to together. iStockPhoto/Thinkstock

There's nothing quite like sleeping out under the stars. Nor getting bone-soaking drenched when that great big sky opens up and the rain starts to fall. A survival bracelet comes in quite handy when trying to put together a basic shelter. Unweave the paracord and use the inner strands to lash branches together [source: US Paraband].

A popular option among outdoorsy types, a "lean-to" shelter can be built using branches, logs, tarp or just about any other material. Simply tie a log or heavy branch horizontally to two trees to serve as the "backbone" and lash together branches and logs to be used as a roof, leaned against the backbone at a 45-degree angle. Alternatively, tie a tarp to the backbone at one end and to ground posts at the other [source: Monaghan].