Top 5 Survival Signals



Fire is a great way to get noticed in the dark.
Fire is a great way to get noticed in the dark.
Seiya Kawamoto/Getty Images

If you're stranded in the cold and dark, then fire isn't just a necessity to help you survive; it's also the best way to attract someone's attention for rescue. If you can, get to the most wide open, high-altitude area. If you're not able to get very high up, then at least find a clearing to make your fire easy to spot. The international signal for help when it comes to fire is three fires in a triangular formation. The other option is three fires in a straight line about 80 feet (25 meters) apart. If you're all alone and you can't manage all three, just try to build one as large as you can without burning down the woods around you. As a last resort, set a lone standing tree on fire, again making sure that you don't start a forest fire. (Again, that's really a last resort and the tree should be extremely isolated.)