Survival stories thrill us with details about people in danger making it out alive. Learn how to find true north, how to survive a shipwreck and how to treat frostbite.

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Why can't we convert salt water into drinking water?

Well, we can. But why don't we do more of it? With oceans and oceans of seawater, you'd think we could make enough freshwater to never go thirsty again

Are all wild berries poisonous?

Blackberries, raspberries and cranberries are all found in the wild, but you'd better be sure you've got the right berry before you eat one off the vine. There are plenty of berries in the woods that could kill you.

How Space Blankets Work

They look like aluminum foil and they're quite thin. But you'd be surprised how much this blanket will help you out when you're in a very cold or very hot situation.

How to Use a Survival Knife

There's one element to any wilderness kit that proves itself useful over and over -- the survival knife. What qualities should you look for in your blade and handle, and why is a rugged knife so important in the first place?

How Wilderness Survival Kits Work

You're hiking through a gorgeous state park when an elusive species of wildlife draws you off the beaten path. When the weather suddenly turns for the worse and you find yourself lost, will you have what it takes to survive?

How to Use a Flare Gun

Packing one of these firearms could save you at sea, so don't forget to bring one before you set off on any maritime adventures. And it might help to know how to use it before you set out.

Top 5 Survival Signals

It's cold and dark. Your car is upside down in a snow-covered ditch and you're miles from civilization. How can you make help come to you?

How Reverse Osmosis Desalinators Work

Let's say you're adrift at sea. There's water everywhere, but you can't drink any of it because it's salty. If only you had a contraption to turn seawater into freshwater.

How to Use a Handheld GPS

If you own a GPS device, then gone are the days of getting lost. This little device can lead you out of the jungle or around a crowded city. How do you put one to work?

Can the sun kill you?

It doesn't seem murderous, but that bright burning ball of gas in the sky can do your body some serious damage. What kind of ill can come from the sun?

Can you really escape an alligator if you run in a zigzag?

You've heard this adage a million times, and perhaps it even brings you comfort when you're in gator territory. But is it really helpful advice?

How to Survive a Storm in the Middle of the Woods

When you hear a rumble of thunder, you head indoors. It's common sense. But what if you're in the forest, and there is no indoors? Where do head then?

5 Lifesaving Technologies

When your camping trip turns life-or-death because you've lost your way in a vast, unpopulated wilderness, you'll want to have these gadgets on your person.

5 Amazing Rescues

Superman, Spider-Man and Batman use supernatural powers to save people in distress. But regular old humans and animals have some tricks up their sleeves as well. What are they?

Which animals kill the most people in the wild?

Slithering snakes, flesh-tearing lions and roaring bears usually top people's lists of most feared creatures. But you might be surprised which animal's bite is most likely to result in your demise.

5 Ways to Snare Dinner in the Wild

If you're stranded in the wild and you're not carrying a hunting rifle, your best bet for bagging dinner is probably a snare or a trap. But how do you set one up?

Top 10 Everyday Items You Can Repurpose in a Survival Scenario

You may not be envious of MacGyver's mullet, but having a talent for surviving the elements with only a wristwatch, socks and a soda can is pretty cool.

Top 10 Survival Tools

Let's say your vacation tour group ditches you in the outback. Or your car slips off an icy road in the middle of nowhere. Will you have the tools to save your life?

Top 10 Worst-case Scenario Medical Conditions

If you're the lone survivor of a plane crash on a deserted island or if your car breaks down on the way to grandma's, what scary medical conditions could come your way?

How the Titanic Worked

It was hailed as the world's fastest, most luxurious ship, and proclaimed unsinkable. But on a moonless, frigid night, a brush with an iceberg resulted in disaster. Why did the Titanic sink? And was it doomed from the start?

How to Survive a Grizzly Bear Attack

Grizzlies are bit touchier than the average black bear. So, you'll really need to watch yourself if you encounter one on the trail. At what point should you curl up in a ball and play dead?

How Bear Spray Works

Bears are burly -- so burly that it takes multiple gunshots to even slow one down. Shoot it once and you'll just make it mad. Do yourself a favor -- use bear spray instead.

If I suck the venom out of a snakebite, will I live?

It's a pretty gross idea, sucking on venom. But is it as dangerous to your health as it seems? Turns out, your instincts are right.

Top 10 Most Poisonous Plants

If you swallow these plants, you could wind up with stomach convulsions, blurred vision, amnesia -- you could even die. What shouldn't you taste on your next hike?

Are humans wired to survive?

A Japanese hiker slipped, was knocked unconscious and then survived 24 days without food or water. That's not supposed to be possible. What survival instincts fuel us through dire straits?