How Stunt Vacations Work

Stunt Vacation Destinations

Finding a stunt vacation destination isn't as easy as locating the nearest stretch of beach. To help you out, we've assembled a short list of stunt-related holiday destinations across the world.

  • Las Vegas, Nev. -- Thrillseekers Unlimited -- Founded in 1992, Thrillseekers offers the widest range of stunt activities, with up to five-day extreme getaways and corporate team building events. Some of their stunt activities include stunt fighting with heavy weapons, high-fall training and bungee jumping. Five-day packages run about $2,600 per person, which includes resort hotel accommodations, all equipment, instruction, ground transportation to and from events, and insurance.
  • Tucson, Ariz. -- Covert Ops Fantasy Camp (book through Incredible Adventures) -- Stunt activities for this three-day package range from intense, high-speed evasive driving to armed combat and explosive work. This vacation is priced at about $4,000.
  • Somerville, Tenn. -- Tandem Halo Jumping (book through Incredible Adventures) -- This facility offers a High Altitude, Low Open (HALO) parachute jump from 30,000 feet from a DHC-3 "Super Otter" plane. Two- to three-day packages are $3,500 and include jump training, HALO tandem jump, use of flight suit, video of adventure, digital photos and certificate of completion.
  • Nerang, Australia -- On the Gold Coast of Australia, Movie Stunt Experience offers full-on Star Wars and Gladiator experiences. Take home memories of your own fully costumed, professionally choreographed fight scene, captured on video. Half-day packages start at $149, and a full day runs $299 with upgrades available.
  • The United Kingdom (various locations) -- Adventure Sports Holiday -- Here, you can participate in stunt driving (though you must have a valid U.K. driver's license) and stunt driving ride-along packages, ranging from $80 to $475.

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