How Stunt Vacations Work

Professional stuntperson on fire.
Professional stuntperson on fire.

Ever wondered how it feels to race along a dangerous road at high speeds in a hot pursuit? Or engage in an all-out, armed duel against your fiercest adversary and live to tell about it? Well, you can. And you will -- if you're adventurous enough.

Stunt vacations, despite being around since 1992, aren't a well-known vacation option to many people. Many of us think of vacation as going to the beach and sipping on a fruity cocktail. Yet stunt vacations are growing in popularity with people looking for something a little more thrilling and memorable to do on their next trip.

Leave your flip-flops and bathing suit at home. These trips aim to give you the adrenaline rush you won't get from lying on some beach listening to seagulls squawking. You can enjoy adrenaline-pumping activities on your stunt vacation, like wire flying, high falls, stunt driving and being set on fire.

Adrenaline junkies aren't the only ones lining up for stunt vacations. They appeal to a large cross-section of groups and are popular for corporate team building, celebrity events and bachelorette parties.

You may feel like a professional stuntperson after a five-day stunt vacation, but you'll have to remind yourself that, in reality, you're not yet qualified to fill in as Tom Cruise's official stunt double. Even so, the bragging rights and YouTube footage alone will be plenty to make you feel like your experience was worth it. In this article, we'll dig into the world of stunt vacations. How do they work? What kind of stunts can you do? Are they safe, and, of course, how much money are we talking here?