South Dakota Scenic Drives

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From Mount Rushmore to landmarks of Native American culture, South Dakota scenic drives take you on a historical journey. Before hopping in your car, however, you'll need to plan your trip. That's where we come in. The links at the bottom of this page go to articles about two stunning South Dakota scenic drives drives -- Native American Scenic Byway and Peter Noreck Scenic Byway -- that contain photos, highlights, and detailed maps.

Taking its name from the Sioux Nation's Lakota and Dakota tribes, South Dakota has a culture culture that is deeply intertwined with Native American history. Wild buffalo feed on the plains, and two Sioux reservations -- one near the Big Bend of the Missouri River -- offer a look into traditional life in the region. The Akta Lakota Museum preserves and promotes Sioux culture.


Visitors to the state will not want to miss viewing Mount Rushmore, but they should also be sure to explore old gold mining towns where ghosts linger, see the historic site of Wounded Knee, and experience the state's parks and famous grasslands.

Here's a preview of what you'll find in our articles about South Dakota scenic drives:

Native American Scenic Byway

Take a scenic tour through the heart of the Sioux nation. This route cuts across thousands of years of Native American history and also follows Lewis and Clark's route. See free-roaming buffalo and view the Big Bend of the Missouri River.

Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway (Norbeck Scenic Byway)

Beneath stoic Mount Rushmore, gold rush ghosts roam through old mining towns and geological formations provide arresting views of South Dakota.


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