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Scenic drives in the United States offer up a wide variety of stunning views. Explore over one hundred articles, taking you through every state in the nation.

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Ohio Scenic Drives: Amish Country Byway

The Amish Country Byway gives an opportunity to witness a different way of life. Read on to learn about the cultural and historical sights and natural geological features you'll pass on this scenic byway.

Ohio Scenic Drives: CanalWay Ohio Scenic Byway

Visitors travel the CanalWay Ohio Scenic Byway to learn about the development of the pre- and post-canal eras. Find out more about the historical sites on this route and the many opportunities for outdoor sports.

Vermont Scenic Drives: Middlebury Gap

Vermont's scenic Middlebury Gap offers a ride through Vermont's Texas Falls and the Green Mountain National Forest. Take this historic Vermont route up one side of Green Mountain and plunge down the other.

Connecticut Scenic Drives: Merritt Parkway

The Merritt Parkway is known as the Queen of Parkways: it's one of the most scenic in the nation. Make it a point-and-look drive with this parkway's unique landscaping art deco bridges and attractions.

Rhode Island Scenic Drives: Coastal Rhode Island

Rhode Island's U.S. 1 and 1A offer the best way to experience the coast and its hitorical lighthouses sandy beaches resort towns and rhode island vacation areas. To experience the best of this scenic drive plot the best short side trips before you go

Pennsylvania Scenic Drives: Historic National Road

Pennsylvania's Historic National Road one of America's most historic driving vacations offers a scenic drive rich with stories. Tour historical homes parks and museums and battle sites. Learn about our nation's early days.

New Hampshire Scenic Drives: Kancamagus Scenic Byway

New Hampshire's Kancamagus Scenic Byway offers an east-west shortcut through White Mountain National Forest. Aside from incredible scenery learn about this scenic jog's historic sites hiking trails and recreational opportunities.

New Hampshire Scenic Drive: White Mountain Trail

Plan a scenic drive on New Hampshire's White Mountain Trail with valuable information on places to stop, the New Hampshire history and geography behind the beauty, and White Mountain Trail maps.

Vermont Scenic Drives: Smugglers Notch

Vermont's scenic road Smugglers' Notch twists through ski resort villages and the state's best hiking trails. Plan ahead for the best Vermont road trip with information on scenic pull-offs you'll find around each corner.

Iowa Scenic Drive: Great River Road

The Iowa portion of the Great River Road has the curviest road in the U.S. and other landmarks. But the real attraction is the scenery. Check out what you can find along the mighty Mississippi River.

Georgia Scenic Drive: Russell-Brasstown Scenic Byway

The Russell-Brasstown Scenic Byway circles the Chattahoochee National Forest in Georgia. Take advantage of dense woodlands, rolling highlands and sparkling waterfalls, including the state's highest point, Brasstown Bald, which offers a 360-degree of

Arkansas Scenic Drives: Crowley's Ridge Parkway

From atop Crowley's Ridge Parkway, Arkansas travelers see a view of two very different periods in history. Explore state history through an archeological dig, as well as important Civil War outposts on this scenic drive.

Alabama Scenic Drive: The Selma to Montgomery Byway

The Selma to Montgomery Byway in Alabama marks the route of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s march for voting rights in 1965. Follow the path of these crusaders who campaigned for civil rights.

Alabama Scenic Drive: Talladega Scenic Drive

The Talladega Scenic Drive in Alabama travels the length of Talladega National Forest. Enjoy the thrilling views from atop the state's highest point. Nearby is the Talladega Superspeedway, home to the fastest cars on earth.

Louisiana Scenic Drive: Creole Nature Trail

Birds, butterflies, and alligators are among the diverse array of wildlife living along Louisiana's Creole Nature Trail. Pick out the best spots to get in touch with the region's animal residents with this guide.

Mississippi Scenic Drive: Natchez Trace Parkway

Mississippi's Natchez Trace Parkway is a scenic drive across the state from the Mississippi River to Nashville. Hit the road to see early settlements historic battlefields and the rich Southern tradition of three states.

Virginia Scenic Drives: Lee's Retreat

Among Virginia's Civil War trails, the most poignant is Lee's Retreat. Follow in Robert E. Lee's footsteps as the Confederate Army fell back to Appomattox, marking the end of the Civil War.

Michigan Scenic Drives: Woodward Avenue

Located in Motor City, the activities and history of Michigan's Woodward Avenue obviously focus on the automobile. But downtown Detroit is also home to the International Freedom Festival. Learn more about this unique drive.

Arizona Scenic Drive: Kaibab Plateau-North Rim Parkway

Crossing over a gorgeous high plateau the Kaibab Plateau-North Rim Parkway forms a scenic passage to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon nature's unsurpassed scenic wonder. Learn more about this amazing drive.

New Mexico Scenic Drive: Billy the Kid Trail

Infused with the romance of the Wild West, this route through Billy the Kid country rides the trails of outlaws, sheriffs, and cowboys. Learn more about the Billy the Kid Trail.

New Mexico Scenic Drive: Historic Route 66

You and Kokopelli can get your kicks on this historic excursion through Albuquerque and its environs. Explore New Mexico's history learn why the Route 66 was nicknamed "Hannett's Joke" and find out about all the gorgeous spots you won't want to miss.

New Mexico Scenic Drive: Jemez Mountain Trail

Ghost towns volcanic rocks hot springs American Indian pueblos campgrounds and forests -- the Jemez Mountain Trail beckons explorers to a land rich in history geology culture and recreation. Learn more about this incredible drive.

New Mexico Scenic Drive: Santa Fe Trail

Ride the historic Santa Fe Trail in the footsteps of Western pioneers Spanish missionaries and American Indian traders. Enjoy prairie vistas rugged landscapes and the other Las Vegas along the way. Learn more.

New Mexico Scenic Drive: Turquoise Trail

Leave the freeway behind to travel the backcountry Turquoise Trail into a four-season mountain wilderness. Then gaze down from the top of a crest to savor some of America's most stunning views. Learn more.

North Dakota Scenic Drive: Sheyenne River Valley Scenic Byway

The relatively new history of the homesteaders and the ancient history of the Native Americans who first inhabited this area give the Sheyenne River Valley Scenic Byway cultural diversity mixed with scenic attractions. Learn more.