Scenic Drives

Scenic drives in the United States offer up a wide variety of stunning views. Explore over one hundred articles, taking you through every state in the nation.

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What's so special about Route 66?

The B-52s sang about the Atlanta Highway and the Allman Brothers sang about Highway 41, but countless artists have sung about the famed Route 66. What makes the "Mother Road" so unique?

Can you cook a meal on your car's engine?

When you brag about what's under the hood of your car, you probably don't say dinner. But you could. Car engines provide a very practical place to cook a road-trip meal.

Top 10 New England Leaf-peeping Locales

Top 10 New England leaf-peeping locales include the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts. Find out other places to view the New England autumn leaves.

How an Ice Hotel Works

An ice hotel is essentially a gigantic igloo that is converted into a hotel. Learn about ice hotels and find out how an ice hotel is created.

Utah Scenic Drives: Scenic Highway 12

Utah's Scenic Highway 12 showcases a land of ancient cultures, pioneers, and explorers -- with a piece of history beckoning around every turn. Learn more about this scenic drive.

New York Scenic Drives: Lakes to Locks Passage

New York's Lakes to Locks Passage offers a drive along scenic Lake Champlain east of the Adirondacks. Come by car to enjoy a land rich with New York history outdoor adventure and picture-perfect views.

Massachusetts Scenic Drives: Mohawk Trail

Massachusett's scenic Mohawk Trail runs along wooded ridges for hilltop views and plunges into the Connecticut River Valley. Take a winding ride ride through charming villages Massachusetts best hiking areas and old-time attractions.

Connecticut Scenic Drives: Connecticut State Route 169

Connecticut State Route 169 links charming villages in Connecticut's Quiet Corner state parks and quaint museums. Take the opportunity to experience some of the sights along this historical stretch of road.

Iowa Scenic Drives: Loess Hills Scenic Byway

Unique natural wonders line the Loess Hills Scenic Byway in Iowa. The rare soil of the area gives rise to hard-to-find hill formations and prairie grasses. Check out the attractions of this scenic drive.

Washington Scenic Drives

Washington scenic drives reveal a dramatic coastline, rugged mountain ranges, and gentle valleys. Check out photos, highlights, and detailed maps for three awe-inspring Washington scenic drives.

New Jersey Scenic Drives: Revolutionary War Trail

Tony Soprano's got nothin' on Washington and his men who forged the Revolutionary Trail through western Jersey. Trace the General's steps as you see his lodgings on the warpath how he planned his troops' attacks and kept morale high.

Maine Scenic Drives: Acadia Byway

Fog is a common sight along the Acadia Byway muting the landscape with its romantic gray mists. The sea's bright blue surface is studded with colorful lobster buoys. Find out more about this scenic drive.

New York Scenic Drives

New York scenic drives capture the charm and allure of the state's northern lakes and inland rivers. Check out photos highlights and detailed maps of two of the best New York scenic drives: Lakes to Locks Passage and Seaway Trail.

South Carolina Scenic Drives

South Carolina scenic drives offer beautiful views of the textures colors and locations along some of the state's gentle roads. Check out photos highlights and detailed maps for three South Carolina scenic drives.

South Dakota Scenic Drives

South Dakota scenic drives allow you to experience Native American culture and see Mount Rushmore. Check out photos, highlights, and detailed maps for South Dakota scenic drives.

Utah Scenic Drives

Utah scenic drives showcase the state's unique terrain, offering lessons in natural history. Check out photos, highlights, and detailed maps for six of the best Utah scenic drives.

Vermont Scenic Drives

What better place to start your leaf-peeping fall tours than in Vermont? Our recommended drives take you through some of the best parts of the state (with plenty of maple syrup and cider stops along the way).

Virginia Scenic Drives

Virginia scenic drives are filled with history and exquisite landcapes. Check out photos, highlights, and detailed maps for two great Virginia scenic drives: Lee's Retreat and Virginia's Skyline Drive.

West Virginia Scenic Drives

West Virginia scenic drives display the state's natural beauty, fascinating history, and warm culture. See photos, highlights, and detailed maps for five West Virginia scenic drives.

New Mexico Scenic Drives

New Mexico scenic drives showcase the state's rugged beauty and prehistoric treasures, and present opportunities for outdoor recreation. Learn about six fun-filled New Mexico scenic drives.

Ohio Scenic Drives

Ohio scenic drives capture the the diversity of the state. Check out photos, highlights, and detailed maps for some of the best Ohio scenic drives.

Oregon Scenic Drives

Oregon scenic drives amaze travelers with unparalleled views of rugged wilderness and beautiful landscapes. Check out photos, highlights, and detailed maps for nine Oregon scenic drives.