Scenic Drives

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A view along Virginia's Skyline Drive
Scenic drives in the United States offer up a wide variety of stunning views, such as this one along Virginia's Skyline Drive. See more pictures of national parks.

Experiencing America through its back roads and scenic byways provides a unique glimpse into the personality, culture, and history of the nation. Scenic drives that wind past unforgettable landscapes, along coastal scenes, and even through moments in history create memories that last a lifetime. They make an excellent argument for opting out of the fast lane for a few days to take the road less traveled.

We have compiled articles on more than 100 scenic drives, taking you through every state in the n­ation. Helpful route maps accompany thorough descriptions of the scenic drives. Also included are links to places to stay and eat along each route. Browse our state-by-state guide at the bottom of this page to find a scenic drive that suits you.

As you look at these scenic drives, remember that each route we’ve chosen is a road designated by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation as a National Scenic Byway or an All-American Road. To earn the distinction, a road must meet high standards for combining scenic beauty with recreational, natural, historical, cultural, and archaeological significance -- the essential elements of a memorable road trip.

Here's our state-by-state guide:

Alabama Hawaii Maine New Mexico
South Dakota
Alaska Idaho Michigan New York
Arizona Illinois Minnesota North Carolina
Arkansas IndianaMississippi North Dakota
California Iowa Missouri OhioVermont
Colorado Kansas Montana Oklahoma Virginia
Connecticut Kentucky Nebraska
Oregon Washington
Delaware Louisiana Nevada
Pennsylvania West Virginia
Florida Maryland New Hampshire
Rhode Island
GeorgiaMassachusetts New Jersey
South Carolina

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