Ohio Scenic Drives: CanalWay Ohio Scenic Byway

Highlights of Canalway Ohio Scenic Byway

Canalway Ohio scenic byway is a lovely drive during all seasons.
Canalway Ohio scenic byway is a lovely drive during all seasons.

The scenery found along the CanalWay Ohio Scenic Byway is interestingly diverse. It ranges from the heavy industry of the Cleveland Flats (and the resulting immigrant neighborhoods) to rolling hills and farmland. You can also see the remnants of the towns and villages associated with the canal, as well as samples of 200-year-old architecture.

This itinerary takes you through Cuyahoga Valley National Park and into Akron. Although it does not cover the entire distance of the byway, it gives you a taste of how you can drive a portion of this road.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park: Start with a dawn picnic breakfast at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP). The CVNP is on the byway, and its entrance is about eight miles south of Cleveland. In this gorgeous 33,000-acre region, you can do just about anything outdoorsy (hiking, golfing, bicycling, horseback riding, and so on). Admittance is free. After breakfast, go biking along the Towpath Trail, which runs through the park for about 44 miles; historical structures, canal locks, and wayside exhibits are added features of this trail. Take an hour or two to enjoy a bike ride along any part of the trail.

Hale Farm: For another two (or three) hours before lunch, stop at Hale Farm, which is at the southern end of the CVNP. There is an admittance fee for this living-history farm, where you can wander the grounds and talk to the artisans who make the impressive wares for sale there. The glass blowers, candlemakers, potters, and blacksmiths demonstrate the industries of the mid-1800s. The buildings and history here are fascinating. Eat lunch and head south to Akron.

Akron: Akron is a buzzing city with much to do. One possibility is to stop at the Akron Art Museum. Admission and parking here are free for visitors, and the museum always has engaging exhibits.

Cascade Locks Park: After your visit at the museum, go to the Cascade Locks Park (also in Akron). Admittance is free here as well. This park has 15 canal locks in a one-mile stretch (all necessary to climb over the Continental Divide), and you can follow them along on a trail; signs along the trail explain the locks and the history of the canal. There are also two historic buildings to visit in this park.

The story of immigrant life, industrialization, and American innovation can be told along the CanalWay Ohio Scenic Byway.

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