Ohio Scenic Drives: Amish Country Byway

Highlights of Amish Country Byway

An Amish horse and buggy travels down a peaceful stretch of Amish Country Byway.
An Amish horse and buggy travels down a peaceful stretch of Amish Country Byway.

The view on the Amish Country Byway is one of rolling hills; undisturbed marshland and forests; beautiful trees and landscapes; well-kept farmhouses, barns, and ponds; neat rows of agricultural crops and vegetables; brilliant displays of flowers; and bucolic scenes of Amish farmers/laborers with their families and children.

The simple living of the Amish and the gentle hospitality of the residents of Holmes County make the Amish Country Byway a scenic trip indeed. The gently rolling farmlands of the byway give you a chance to experience the area's grand agricultural tradition. Bales of hay, freshly plowed fields, barn raisings, and locally grown produce sold at the roadside are some of the scenes that will greet you.

The following itinerary gives you an idea for spending a day on the eastern half of U.S. 62.

Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area: Enjoy the peace of the early morning at the Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area. Fish or hike while the sun rises. Have a picnic breakfast while enjoying the birds and scenery.

Millersburg: Downtown Jackson, Clay, and Washington Streets are a Historic District. There are plenty of National Register of Historic Places homes to see, such as the G. Adams House, the G.W. Carey House, and the Victorian House Museum. There are also a lot of shops downtown, such as Maxwell Brothers and the Three Feathers Pewter Studio/Gallery. Take time to look around and see what else you can discover. You can find plenty of places to eat in Millersburg, so this a perfect place to have lunch before you head off to the Rolling Ridge Ranch.

Rolling Ridge Ranch: The Rolling Ridge Ranch is a good place for families to visit. Kids love the petting zoo and playground. You can take wagon rides and see many kinds of animals at the ranch.

Behalt-Mennonite Information Center: Behalt-Mennonite Information Center is an essential next stop because you can learn about the Amish and Mennonites and why they live the way they do. See the historical mural. This is interesting, free education.

Alpine Alpa Restaurant: Just about the time you're done at the Information Center, you'll be ready for dinner. The Alpine Alpa Restaurant is just up the road from the Information Center. It's famous not only for its food but also for the interesting things you can see and buy there. You can also experience a bit of Swiss culture.

Reportedly the largest concentration of Amish in the world is in this part of Ohio. This fascinating people hold true to their rich traditions and heritage, making the Amish Country Byway a trip to their on-going yesteryear.

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