Nevada Scenic Drives: Lake Tahoe-Eastshore Drive

Highlights of Lake Tahoe-Eastshore Drive

Enjoy serene vistas while travelling Lake Tahoe-Eastshore Drive.
Enjoy serene vistas while travelling Lake Tahoe-Eastshore Drive.

Lake Tahoe-Eastshore Drive has rightly been called the most beautiful drive in America. Many people find they don't have words to describe its exquisite beauty and often rely upon writers, such as Mark Twain, for well-worded acclaim and praise. Painters find their brushes inadequate to capture the deep pines crowding the craggy cliffs, the crimson sunsets burnishing the skies, and the clear aquamarine waters reflecting the Sierra Nevada Range swathed in icy snow.

Weather cooperates while visitors take in the splendor of their surroundings, and the sun shines an average of 307 days a year. And while the pristine silence of the lake that others from the past once enjoyed has been replaced by happy tourists, the majesty of Lake Tahoe still affords solitude and a purely heavenly ambience.

To hit the highlights of the Lake Tahoe-Eastshore Drive, consider following this itinerary.

Crystal Bay: You may want to begin traveling the byway at the northern terminus at Crystal Bay along the California-Nevada border. There are several casinos in this area to enjoy.

Incline Village: The highway winds toward Incline Village, one of Tahoe's finest communities. A side trip up Mount Rose Highway, approximately four miles, leads to a lookout over the entire Tahoe Basin.

Ponderosa Ranch: Back on Highway 28, the Ponderosa Ranch is the location of TV's legendary Bonanza series that made Lake Tahoe famous worldwide. The Ponderosa offers Cartwright Ranch House tours, an Old West town with shops and memorabilia, summer hay-wagon breakfasts, and more.

Sand Harbor, and Glenbrook: Lake Tahoe-Eastshore Drive continues south down the east shore. One of Tahoe's most beautiful beaches, Sand Harbor is located here in the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park. Following the bouldered Nevada shore, the highway continues south through forests of pine and fir. Stop at Spooner Lake for wooded picnic areas and a walk along the water. Turn right at the intersection of Highway 50, and head south past historic Glenbrook, once a busy logging town and now an exclusive community and golf course.

Cave Rock and Zephyr Cove: Your next landmark is Cave Rock, where the highway passes through 25 yards of solid stone. This is a holy spot for the native Washoe Indians who put their deceased to rest in the cold waters below the outcropping. Farther along is Zephyr Cove with its beautiful old lodge, beach, and tour boats.

Stateline: The tour now returns you to South Lake Tahoe and the high-rise hotel/casinos in the Stateline area, a perfect place to stop at a restaurant or lounge, take in a show, or try your luck in the casinos.

If a scenic drive is what you're looking for, you can't go wrong with Nevada's Lake Tahoe-Eastshore Drive, considered the most beautiful drive in America.

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