How Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp Works

Rock of Ages

During the last night, everyone, no matter how good or bad, performs in front of a live audience.
During the last night, everyone, no matter how good or bad, performs in front of a live audience.
Photo by Jennifer Hammer, courtesy Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp

For the more experienced, there is the rigorous Master's Program. On the first day, each Master's Program wannabe will audition. As with the other campers, those in the Master's Program will be placed in a band based on their audition. Returning campers get a pass. Counselors will place them according to past performances [source:].

Then it's on to Jam City, population you. For 10 hours a day, you'll play as if you've never played before. Campers get to record an original song. In London, campers went to the famed Abbey Road Studios made famous by The Beatles. The camp even has a Young Rockers Program for children ages 12 through 16 who have desire to learn how to play. The kids will join the adults on stage [source:].

You can bring your own gear and instruments. If you left your Stratocaster at home, don't fret. The camp will provide everything you need. You and your band will work long and hard. Every chord, every vocal, has to be just right, or as close to right as a bunch of novice rockers can get. You'll spend 10 to 12 hours a day jamming. You will also have a chance to play with other counselors and campers who are not in your band [source:].

By the fifth day, rehearsals are over. It's showtime for real. Each group gets on stage and performs. This isn't a makeshift stage in the middle of the woods. No, this is a bona fide, packed house. In Hollywood 2005, the performance was held at the House of Blues. In New York, it was B.B. King's Blues Club and Grill. Wives, children, husbands, parents, friends, strangers will crowd into the seats to watch you live a dream. At the end of the night, the awards are given, and a new best band is crowned [source: McDonald].

The memories, and hopefully the skills, you learn at the Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp will stay with you a lifetime, just like those woebegone days at summer camp when you were a kid.