Human rewilding is a way of restoring the ancient balance between people and nature. An offshoot of the rewilding conservation movement, which aims to restore human-altered ecosystems to their wild and natural state, human rewilding covers wilderness survival skills, foraging, and appreciating the diversity and complexity of the natural world.

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5 Luxury Services That Cost Nothing in the Wild

Waterfall massages and mineral baths sound really soothing (and pricey) right about now. But you don't have to go to your day spa to get them –- you can savor them for free in the great outdoors. Which other luxury services fit that bill?

Can living off the land benefit your health?

Going off the grid will take away the stress of being constantly connected, but are there real health benefits associated with natural living?

How can I experience rewilding without giving up all my modern comforts?

You want to help the environment and connect with nature, but you're not ready to move off the grid and live in a hut. Is there a middle ground?

How Human Rewilding Works

Rewilding originally meant reintroducing animals back into their original habitats to restore an area's original balance. Now the concept has been extended to people.