Water Sport

Water Sports articles cover everything from surfing and cave diving to kayaking. Learn more about water safety and the different types of equipment needed.

One of these submarines is shaped like a dolphin and can actually leap out of the water -- just like Flipper. The others dive deep, giving average (but very wealthy) people an incredible view of the sea.

This hybrid of kiting, wakeboarding and windsurfing is gaining popularity. How do kitesurfers harness the wind to soar from wave to wave on our world's oceans?

Once you get up on those skis, it's an exhilarating feeling to glide across the water. But it's not easy to pull yourself up into skiing position. What's the trick?

There are only so many waves fit to surf. And surfer dudes aren't always laid-back about amateurs hogging the swells. What happens when surf becomes turf?

Steve Irwin was fatally stabbed in the heart by a stingray, which makes you wonder whether swimming with sea creatures is a good idea. Is it?

These sailing pictures show beautiful sailboats out on the water.

Surfers like to keep their hotspots quiet, so the tourists don't motor in and ruin the whole scene. Keep these five between you and your elite group of surfing buddies.

In this fishing sport, the bait is the fisherman's hand. A noodler wades in, wiggles his fingers in a catfish hole and hopes the animal bites. Then he pulls that prize to the surface.

Places, such as Hawaii, California, South Africa and Caicos have long been associated with surfing and windsurfing. This gallery features pictures of this popular activity in action.

Which sport combines the thrill of skateboarding, skiing and boating? Why is wakeboarding so popular throughout the world? How can it be dangerous?

You might not think about the physics involved in keeping your canoe afloat as you drift down a river, but this seemingly simple pastime is pretty complex. And is there a difference between canoeing and kayaking?

The Divers Alert Network, or DAN, offers insurance and other services to divers of all types. Learn more about the Divers Alert Network in this article.

Looking for a sport that combines adventure, exercise and sightseeing? Nine to 10 million people have tried white-water rafting as an exhilarating escape from the day to day.

Cave diving is the most intense, specialized and dangerous form of scuba diving there is. Cave divers explore places never before seen or touched by humans.

If you had to choose between a kayak and a canoe for a race, which one would you pick? Fans of each have been arguing for ages. It's time to settle the debate.

Gliding through lakes, barreling down the rapids or fording the surf, kayakers face off with nature and leave feeling exhilarated. So how do you get started?

You may not think about life jackets until you find yourself overboard and far from shore. How do life jackets keep people afloat, and why does it take only a few pounds of buoyancy to do it?

Sailboats rank as one of man's most revolutionary inventions. How far have sailboats come since the days of the Santa Maria, Nina and Pinta?

Popularized in music and movies, surfing is a beloved sport for many. But did you know that it's been around for hundreds of years? Learn about the basics of surfing and get surfing safety tips.

Every boat owner should know how to maintain a boat to prevent it from aging and damage. Learn how to make important boat repairs as well as build useful boat accessories.

Millions of people swim safely in public, but it's important to know that certain infectious diseases can occur while swimming in public pools, parks, lakes, water fountains and yes, even the ocean.

Personal watercraft such as jet skis are used by millions of Americans each year, but they weren't always that popular. Learn how personal watercraft came to be, how they work and the laws and environmental concerns that govern them.

'The bends' is a dangerous condition based on water pressure. Find out how you can get -- and prevent -- the bends.