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Tips for surfing safely include being familiar with the beach before you start surfing.
Tips for surfing safely include being familiar with the beach before you start surfing.
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Here are some tips for surfing safely:

  • Apply sunscreen before getting into the water.
  • If you're surfing in cold water, wear a properly-fitting wetsuit - a wetsuit that's too big won't keep you warm. Surfing in cold water without a good wetsuit could lead to hypothermia, especially in the event of becoming stranded without a board.
  • Make sure your surfboard is undamaged and has a good, bumpy coat of wax on its deck before getting into the water.
  • Attach your board leash securely to the leg that is farthest back when you are on the board.
  • Never paddle farther out than you can swim back if you lose your board.
  • Never surf alone.
  • Check the surf forecast before leaving home and obey all posted surf and swim warnings.
  • If you're a beginner, practice popping up and surfing in areas that aren't crowded with surfers and swimmers. Consider taking a class from an experienced instructor.
  • Familiarize yourself with the surf and shore of the beach before you start surfing.

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