How the Divers Alert Network Works

Divers Alert Membership Plans

DAN has membership plans for professional and sport divers.
DAN has membership plans for professional and sport divers.
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Becoming a member of Divers Alert Network is easy, and there are several membership plans.

An individual member plan is $29 a year, and for $44 dollars, divers can purchase a family membership, which'll cover any eligible family member as well as the individual. Eligible family members include a spouse or cohabitator and unmarried children younger than 18 years old or up to his 24th birthday if enrolled as a full-time student, lives with the parent and isn't employed full-time.

Individual and family members offer many benefits, including a members-only subscription to "Alert Diver" magazine. The publication keeps divers up to date on the latest research and trends.

These memberships also qualify the diver for DAN's exclusive dive accident insurance, including 24-hour TravelAssist. TravelAssist pays up to $100,000 in evacuation costs in the event of a dive accident or non-dive injury to the member. Members can use the coverage when they are at least 50 miles (80 kilometers) from their home.

Other benefits include:

  • A copy of the "Principles, History and Operation of Rebreathers" presentation available on the DAN Web site. The presentation explains the 120-year history of the rebreather system.
  • Information from a workshop on flying after diving
  • A copy of "Dive and Travel Medical Guide," which covers diving safety issues and helps prevent, identify and treat diving injuries
  • Access to a variety of insurance programs tailored to the needs of sport divers
  • Financial opportunities, such as credit cards, discounts and access to a special satellite phone rental program


Divers Alert Network also offers membership for dive professionals who teach DAN training courses to sport divers. Becoming an associate professional member allows divers to access areas of the DAN Web site that are dedicated to instructors. This area features materials that will help you teach better courses. Also, you can earn points toward a free membership and merchandise by sending new DAN members to DAN training. For example, 10 points will get you a membership, 70 points earns a free DAN oxygen unit. Associate pro members also can buy disability income insurance.

Another type of DAN membership caters to those whose business involves sport diving. DAN business membership holders enjoy numerous benefits and show your customers your commitment to dive safety.

DAN business memberships cost $125 and are open to retailers, resorts, charter boats, universities and any other dive-related organization based in a public walk-in facility (not a personal residence). Benefits include:

  • Two individual memberships, free
  • Special DAN product pricing
  • "Alert Diver" magazine
  • Rental tank decals and diver ID system
  • Points program, redeemable for DAN products
  • Trip insurance eligibility for customers, with a built-in incentive for you
  • Listing on the DAN Web site
  • Quarterly newsletters about DAN benefits for business members

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