5 Tips for Outfitting a Canoe for Fishing


Secure Items to Your Canoe

Carabineers and bungee cords are handy for securing things to the side of the canoe (both inside and outside). Some canoe fishers like to use water bottles with screw caps attached with a loop top to clip to a carabineer [source: Allard]. It's important to keep an extra paddle or two in the boat. Some consider paddle leashes annoying because they can easily get tangled in a fly line. Instead, install enough paddle clips or bungee cord attachments in your canoe for all of your paddles.

Clipping things to your boat will not only keep them secure from falling out, but also will make the boat quieter. Gear rolling around on the bottom of a canoe can easily scare fish away. When considering where to secure items in the boat, also remember to think about weight balance. A good balance will contribute to the best performance and maneuverability for your canoe.

Most importantly, you need a rod holder to keep the rod secure and handy if a fish bites while you're paddling. They also help you avoid a tangled line. You can choose between a permanent rod holder or one that clamps to the side of the boat and is adjustable.