Water Sport

Water Sports articles cover everything from surfing and cave diving to kayaking. Learn more about water safety and the different types of equipment needed.

It's just about vacation and pool season. But do you know exactly what you're swimming in?

Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa sets the world record for biggest wave ever surfed — and it's huge!

"Dry drowning" sounds scary, and is all over the news. But is it even a real thing?

A quixotic aquatic attempt to traverse the ocean between Florida and Bermuda got the Coast Guard involved, and not for the first time.

The surfboard must be one of the simpler sports accessories, right? All you need is a board to stand on and some gnarly waves. But to get to modern surfing, the surfboard had to undergo lots of changes.

For years, people have been discovering the beauty and simplicity of canoe fishing. What's the best way to outfit your canoe without overdoing it -- or capsizing?

Gun. Fish. Leash. Lineup. Fin. Minimal. Goofy foot. Do you know what these words mean in surfer's dialect? You're about to find out.

Do you experience pain in your ears when you fly? Then you've encountered barotrauma. What causes that pain, and will it resolve on its own?

Ditch the oar! Now you can power your personal watercraft with the power of your lower body. This twist on the classic kayak sounds fun, but is it really better than paddling?

Kids aren't inherently afraid of water -- their experiences and the attitudes around them inform their opinions. And you're the main role model, so you set the example. Make it a good one.

When summer's finally here, visits to the pool are high on most kids' lists of demands. Whether you're hanging out in the backyard pool or heading over to the local swimming hole, it's important to keep your children safe.

Your family pool may seem like a safe haven in the middle of a hectic and complex world, but the fact is, any water feature can be a serious safety hazard. The Swimming Pool Safety Act is in place to keep the fun in and the fear out.

Rafting or kayaking whitewater rapids is an exhilarating way to spend an afternoon. But have you ever wondered who came up with the ratings for the rapids? Who decides how dangerous a rapid is?

Rivers can seem benign enough -- until their white-water rapids chew you up and spit you out. Which are the most aggressive?

Before submarines, man lowered himself down into the water in a diving bell. How did these contraptions work?

We can't breathe underwater, but we still want to see what's down there. When did man first start thinking up ways to explore the sea?

People who enjoy board sports often have a need for speed. But many -- especially those who don't have access to hills or ramps -- don't know how to get it. How can a simple bungee cord help solve this problem?

Hydrospeeding is a popular extreme sport that involves riding torso-length boards down fearsome river rapids. It's fun, but you should do a little research before you hit the water.

Black water rafting is a new take on both spelunking and tubing. What's it like to tube through a cave?

Cliff diving is an extreme sport that involves hurling your body from dangerous heights and freefalling at deadly speeds, so how do cliff divers live to dive another day?

Kayak surfing draws water sport enthusiasts who want to tackle more waves at high speeds. What exactly does this sport entail, and how does it differ from traditional board surfing?

Those big, classic wooden surfboards might look cool on TV, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll work well for you when you take to the waves. What other styles of surfboards are available, and how do you know which is right for you?

It's similar to waterskiing in that you're riding the waves made by a boat, but wakeboarding offers stability that can make jumps and tricks much easier -- if you have the right board. What makes one wakeboard different from another?

Whether you're on your way to paddle a raging river or a placid lake, you must first find a way to get your boat to the water, but what's the best way to transport a kayak?

Whether you're a beginner skier or a seasoned trick skier, which ski you choose will affect your performance. What should you know about skis before you make a purchase?