The Kids Are All High

You know what makes you feel dated? Thinking about what you did for fun when you were a kid. I watched network television. My parents listened to the radio. As far as I can tell, my grandparents stared at their hands.

So maybe it shouldn't come as a surprise that the stakes are raised in this generation. Sure, they watch YouTube videos and post on social media. But apparently that's not enough to make some kids feel young and virile. No, these kids need something else between Insta and Snapping.


They need to climb to the highest point of a 750-foot tall building while filming themselves or pausing for pics. And if it works out, they'll also add a drone in to get the whole stomach-churning landscape.

 Drop in a thumping soundtrack that could easily score a Guy Ritchie heist scene, add in some parkour, don't forget run-ins with security, and you've got yourself a millennial hobby. Just don't look down.

I still prefer an adolescence of "Friends" or even staring at my hands, but I can't pretend that it got me a Rolling Stone feature, or over 700,000 YouTube subscribers. And hey, there's something to be said for young people embracing cultural activities. A Frankfurt collective of young urban climbers climbed the Ulm Munster church, the tallest church in the world, which probably gave them some appreciation for the 14th-century architecture.