How Parkour Works

Moves and Training

For many traceurs, parkour is a gateway to freedom from social constraints as they "free their minds" from society's messages of how public spaces and their body are to be used. Ez, the director of Urban Freeflow, an international parkour organization based in Surrey, England, says, "I like to view it as a discipline that provides absolute freedom and something that, through lots of practice, can put you in a position of being able to move in a way that is animal like, fluid, explosive and graceful. But I also like to use it as a means to keep fit, to build upper body strength and to keep my mind sharp. The fact that no equipment other than a pair of trainers and an open mind are needed makes it all instantly accessible." Parkour is as moldable as a traceur's creativity and physical capabilities allow. With that said, the number of possible movements is endless, but here are the basics:

While parkour celebrates the individual's journey toward freedom and overcoming fear, it still remains largely an activity practiced in community. Read more about the parkour community on the next page.

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