How Land Sailing Works

Land Sailing Tips

Take it easy, matey. If land sailing sounds interesting to you, don't just rush out and buy a dirtboat. Do a little research first:

  • Rentals and charter trips are available, especially in the Western United Sates, for those who want to try before they buy. Such trips can be a fun vacation as well as a way to decide if you're serious about the sport.
  • Attend local land sailing events to see what's involved. Many events are held spring through fall. The North American Land Sailing Association's Web site is a good place to learn about events and clubs in various locations.
  • Talk to land sailing enthusiasts. Most are passionate about their sport. They love to talk and want the sport to grow.
  • Investigate the various kinds of boats. They range widely in size and price. Land sailing is less expensive than water sailing.
  • Attend the annual America's Landsailing Cup to get a good look at the different types of boats in action.
  • Think about your goals: Do you just want to have fun, or might you want to get into racing? If you like to tinker, you might want to work with your own design in the open classes where the only restriction is the area of the sail [source: Harris].

But with those high speeds, can land sailing be safe? Keep reading to find out.