10 Urban Sports That Might Get You Arrested

Ryan Sheckler skates during the Skateboard Street Finals at the X Games. Some of his more stylin' moves could be considered illegal if done on a public roadway. See more pictures of extreme sports. Christian Pondella/Getty Images

When you think "urban sports" do you picture city kids playing basketball or runners on a track around a city park? Sure, those are sports happening in urban areas, but true urban sports tend toward the more extreme, and some might end with you and your friends getting slapped with a citation or a fine or even in handcuffs.

Urban sports enthusiasts tend to be in it for the adrenaline rush, and some of these activities don't even have clear winners and losers. They can be about pushing yourself to the limit, making a little bit of cash, or just plain seeking entertainment. What urban sports have in common is that they tend to be underground activities, and participants sometimes run into trouble with local law enforcement.

In this article, we'll look at a whole range of urban sports, from the well-known (like skateboarding) to the obscure (like drainboating). Which ones can land you in the slammer and why?