10 Things We Want to See in Adult Playgrounds

Multigenerational Play Areas
Of course, families can go to any playground together, but a space designed to give kids of all ages a great workout can enhance the experience as well as everyone's health. ©Stockbyte/Thinkstock

Multigenerational playgrounds are built to accommodate kids, their parents and grandparents -- these are playgrounds for kids of any age. In these spaces, you'll find kid-sized slides and swings alongside outdoor fitness stations with adult-sized equipment such as stationary exercise bikes, chess boards and balance beams, all intended to help keep us physically -- and cognitively and emotionally -- fit from childhood through our senior years.

"Play and physical activity targets parts of the brain that often stay dormant with our sedentary, screen-based lifestyles," explains Maria Hassel, director of Children's Learning World, a Montessori school. "Physical play -- even Zumba -- climbing, logic puzzles and non-routinized activities allow us to see things differently, and use our brains in different ways, which is critical to a healthy physical and mental state"

Play areas that offer options for all ages also offer a new twist on family time -- staying healthy together through physical activity could replace more sedentary activities.