10 Things We Want to See in Adult Playgrounds

Zip Lines and Aerial Adventures
Even if you're screaming in fear on a zip line, you're still getting a great core workout -- and all that yelling might improve your lung capacity. ┬ęSean Murphy/Thinkstock

Imagine yourself navigating an obstacle course full of bridges, nets, swings and slides -- and now imagine yourself doing it suspended in the trees. Aerial adventure courses often include zip lines, suspended bridges, nets, swings and slides that are all part of the tree canopy, but while you're whizzing along on a zip line, you'll also be getting a good workout.

Because navigating these obstacles will challenge you to lift your own body weight, suspended obstacle courses improve our upper body strength. They also work your core muscles (abs, pelvis, hips and back), and a strong core means improved posture and fewer back aches, as well as improved balance and less risk of falling.