10 Things We Want to See in Adult Playgrounds

Climbing Wall
No matter your skill level, you're sure to get a great workout when you scale a climbing wall. ŠiStockphoto/Thinkstock

Climbing is a great workout, but when's the last time you climbed anything other than the stairs in your house? Indoor and outdoor climbing walls offer many of the same benefits as rock climbing, but in a safer, novice-friendly environment. And those benefits? When climbing a rock wall, you'll work your core, your upper arms and forearms, shoulders, fingers, hands, abs and calves. Indoor gyms and climbing centers have had climbing walls for years, but combining physical activity with fresh air can be exhilarating.

Don't be intimidated by the climbing wall -- it doesn't matter what skill level you're at when you begin. Although you will get a solid workout, the benefit of climbing walls is not just physical. Yes, climbing helps build muscle strength, endurance, agility and flexibility, but planning each maneuver also sharpens your mental focus.