10 Craziest Skateboarding Feats

Great Wall of Way
The Beijing MegaRamp Danny Way used to make the first skateboard jump over the Great Wall Of China. Mike Blabac/Quiksilver/DC/Getty Images

Danny Way and Bob Burnquist are cut from the same crazy cloth. Both men are big-air vert veterans and multiple X Games medalists, and both are irrepressible showmen. Way capitalizes on his mainstream success to live out childhood fantasies and stretch the definition of possible by leaping out of helicopters and jumping over the unjumpable.

Way singlehandedly invented the MegaRamp, once considered insanity and now a staple of big air competitions worldwide. In 2005, he built the world's biggest skateboard ramp around a 70-foot-wide (21.3 meter) section of the Great Wall of China. If he cleared the wall, he hoped to break both of his existing world records for farthest jump (79 feet, or 24 meters) and highest jump (23 feet, or 7 meters) on a skateboard. But first, he almost broke his ankle.

The day before the Great Wall jump, Way decided to try a practice run. The second he left the launch ramp, he lost his board and lost control. Instead of sliding to safety on his knees, he landed flat on top of the landing ramp with a terrifying thud, then went tumbling end over end to the bottom of the slope. Way could barely walk, but refused an X-ray that would determine if his ankle was broken [source: Yen]. Instead, buoyed by painkillers and athletic tape, he nailed the historic jump the next day, even doing some 360 encores for the crowd.