10 Craziest Skateboarding Feats

The Loop of Death
Daredevil Bob Burnquist of Brazil skates in the Skateboard Big Air Practice during the X Games 17 in Los Angeles. Harry How/Getty Images

Bob Burnquist is a pro skater and daredevilish genius who delights in building and riding some of the world's most extreme skate ramps. Burnquist has a permanent MegaRamp in his backyard -- at one time the largest on earth -- and invites buddies like Tony Hawk and Ryan Sheckler over for playdates [source: Higgins].

But Burnquist's most famous creation is his Loop of Death. The ramp looks like a classic roller coaster loop-the-loop, with riders entering on one end, rolling into an upside down ramp, and exiting on the other side. As simple as it looks, riding the loop takes tremendous balance and control, and has earned its lethal nickname with a pile of broken bones and yards of stitches. Skating god Tony Hawk suffered one of his worst wipeouts trying to run the loop in a monkey suit. Hawk took home a fractured skull for his consolation prize.

As if surviving the Loop of Death wasn't enough, Burnquist decided to take it one step further by removing the very top section of the loop. This created a huge gap in the ramp that would have to be "jumped" upside down. After several failed attempts, but no broken neck, Burnquist nailed the landing in front of a cheering home crowd. Don't wait for Tony Hawk to repeat the stunt anytime soon.