10 Craziest Skateboarding Feats

Biggest Ollie Ever
Aaron Homoki dazzles the crowd in the Converse Coastal Carnage Finals in Huntington Beach, Calif. Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Aaron "Jaws" Homoki didn't earn his bone-crunching nickname from a ferocious temperament. Blame the braces he wore as a gangly kid in Arizona. Homoki is better known for his laid-back, ultra-smooth style combined with some of the most insane gap jumps in the history of YouTube. Check out Homoki's video entry into the Real Street 2012 portion of the X Games competition and watch the smiling skater ollie off the top of a two-story balcony, a bridge and staircase after staircase.

Homoki made the July 2011 cover of Thrasher magazine with a headline shouting "Biggest Ollie Ever." A couple of months earlier, Homoki needed little prodding to soar over a flight of 20 concrete stairs, and it was all captured on video. After nailing the landing, Homoki quickly ran back to the top and ollied over the stair's supporting wall. Jaws makes crazy look easy.