10 Craziest Skateboarding Feats

Danny Way jumps the Great Wall in Beijing, China – just one of our 10 amazing skateboarding feats. China Photos/Getty Images

Skateboarding is what happens between the fails. If you watch a skateboarding compilation video on YouTube, all you get are the highlights. Here's a guy ollying (i.e. kicking the tail of the board down while jumping so the board pops up) over a gnarly concrete gap. Here's another dude rail sliding down the world's longest staircase. What you don't see -- unless you've clicked on a fail compilation, of course -- are the endless attempts, near misses and bone-bruising wipeouts that came first.

Skateboarding is hard enough when your dream trick is a backside rail slide on the curb of the local 7-Eleven. But what if you want to be the fastest skateboarder on earth? Or jump over a moving car? Or skate off of the Grand Canyon? Now you've crossed the line from "extreme" to "extremely crazy."

The following 10 skateboarding feats are crazy in every sense of the word: crazy hard, crazy beautiful, and of course, crazy dangerous.