Triathlon Life

Triathlon life is very unique. Triathletes stick together because they are a different brand of athlete and their sport can be very consuming. In this section you'll learn all about triathlon life and what it's like after you get hooked on adrenaline.

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It's hard for some people to imagine staying motivated enough to swim, bike and run your way to triathlon glory, but plenty of dedicated athletes do it every year. How do they keep up the momentum to make it through all those workouts?

By Jessika Toothman

So you've been working out for months and eating right day in, day out. Now it's race day. How do you keep your energy up during the grueling, three-sport race?

By Jessika Toothman

With their swimming, running and cycling legs, triathlons are the ultimate tests of physical and mental endurance. Successful triathletes train for countless hours, but how do they balance all three triathlon sports with living their lives?

By Mark Boyer


As the popularity of triathlons has grown over the years, so has the amount of garbage generated by participants and spectators. Now some organizers and athletes are working to lessen their impact on the environment.

By Joanna Burgess

Triathletes tend to be very, very focused on training and competition, but their families can cheer them on and even race with them. It may be a bit intense, but turning a triathlon into a family vacation may be easier than you think.

By Linda C. Brinson