Triathlon Facts

Regardless of whether you're interested in triathlons as a spectator or an athlete, these articles area great place to explore what it's like to train for and complete in a triathlon.


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How Triathlon Rules Work

Triathlons are unparalleled endurance tests. Because they're so competitive and physically punishing, the governing bodies of the sport have implemented strict and detailed rules to ensure the enjoyment and safety of everyone involved.

What are average triathlon times?

In a sport with so many variations, is there a way to find out what's the average time for finishing a triathlon? Let's investigate.

What are the age groups in triathlons?

Weekend warriors come in all shapes and sizes, and middle-aged Americans sick of sitting at a desk all week are signing up for triathlons in droves. What's surprising? So are their kids!

What are the various triathlon distances?

Most of us have heard of the Ironman Triathlon. But that's not the only version of the sport. There are actually several types of triathlons encompassing various distances and even sports beyond swimming, running and biking.

What is the history of triathlons?

Only a handful of people participated in the very first triathlon, but it didn't take long for this young sport to take off in popularity. What's the story behind the triathlon?

Why is certain gear not permitted in some triathlons?

Athletes play to win. But the very best ones also play fairly. In triathlons, certain gear is out of the question -- and it's all in the name of safety and good sportsmanship.

What are triathlete rankings?

Being an outstanding athlete is essential for competing in a triathlon, but being good at math doesn't hurt either. It's a needed skill for figuring out where you rank in this competitive sport.

Are triathlons safe?

If you read the headlines, a triathlon might seem like a death sentence. Titles like "Sudden Death Risk Looms in Triathlons" might catch your eye, especially if you just unwittingly signed up for the big race. Is it safe to compete in a triathlon, or do you risk horrible accidents, heart failure and drowning?

How long is an Ironman triathlon?

Athletes in search of an extreme physical challenge need look no further than the Ironman Triathlon. How demanding is this event? Well, a full marathon only makes up one part of the race.

How many triathlons can I race in a season?

If you've been bitten by the triathlon bug, you're signing up for races left and right! But even if you've got the stamina to reach the finish line, how many triathlons can you safely compete in per season?

How Non-Standard Triathlon Events Work

Triathlons are becoming more popular by the day. Despite the sport's grueling nature, more than a million people signed up for a traditional triathlon in 2009. But what about triathletes who want something a little different -- or tougher?

How the International Triathlon Union Works

Are you a hard-core triathlete who enjoys swimming, cycling and running? Then you've probably heard of the International Triathlon Union (ITU), the world governing body of triathlons and related multi-sports. But what does the ITU entail?