How Snowmobiles Work

If you've ever ridden a snowmobile, you know that it's a fun, fast-paced way to sightsee and go places that cars can't. See more pictures of extreme sports.
Photo courtesy Sweet Light Photography

Like the GPS receiver and the aerosol can, the snowmobile has ­its ­origins in military technology.

The rubber tracks used on off-road military vehicles h­ad proven prac­tical in winter weather, and Joseph-Armand Bombardier of Quebec,­ Canada initially adapted­ this design to create large multi-passenger vehicles.


Over time, Bombardier refined his design. His first "Ski-Doo" sold in 1959 and Bombardier Industries remains a leader in the snowmobile industry today.

­In this article we'll take a look at how snowmobiles work and find out how they serve as recreation and transportation in cold climates.