Learn Proper Snowboard Care

Adam Crowley/Getty
Adam Crowley/Getty

For those of you who like to snowboard, proper maintenance is probably second nature, and many of you wouldn't even consider it to be a green activity. However, keeping your snowboard or any possession in working order is a very green activity. Most of us have heard of the three "R's" of environmentalism: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Well, there is a fourth R now and that R is repair.

Repairing combos well with reduce, because when you repair an object, you reduce the need to replace the object. Replacing an object creates demand for more objects of the same ilk, like snowboards. An increased demand requires the manufacture of more. Manufacturing requites materials and energy. By simply maintaining your objects and repairing them when they break, you will reduce the need to replace. You will also save money.


With that settled, here are some tips:

1.How to Wax Your Board Start by getting a hold of some eco-friendly snowboard wax and a metal wax scraper. Scrape the old wax carefully off the base. Don't cut the board. Turn on your iron just hot enough to melt the wax. If the wax smokes, it is too hot. Hold the wax against the iron, letting the wax drip onto the base of the board. When the wax is melted and has pooled on the board, spread it evenly with the iron. Use your scraper to remove lumps and an abrasive pad to make the surface smooth. For more Info: Check out these videos at Expert Village.

2.How often to Wax Wax every three trips.


3.Proper Storage Always clean your board after use. Keep it off cement. If hung on a wall, make sure that it has proper support.

4.Repair Minor Gouges Scrape off wax and clean area around gouge. Melt repair plastic into the gouge. Use your scraper to remove bulges or excess. For a thorough explanation and a step-by-step guide, check out Nifty Tricks. If your board has a large gouge, take it to the shop.

5.Sharpening Your Board There are three ways to go about doing this. You can take it to the shop, and they will sharpen it for you. There are machines that you can sharpen them in. And you can sharpen the board yourself with a file and whetstone. Here's the quick version from Camping4Less I've edited it slightly for eco-friendliness.

Sharpening Edges Both the side edges and base edges need regular sharpening.

First, smooth out any rust, scratches or snags with the whetstone. Keep the stone flat against the surface you're working on.

With the board held firmly on its side in a vise, work from the nose to the tail with a 6" file. Keep the file flat against the edge and level, and run it smoothly down the length of the board. Frequently clean out the grooves in the file with a file brush.

When both side edges are filed, lay the board flat (upside down), clamp it, and file the base. Use the 8" or 10" file at a 30 degree angle. Working from the nose to the tail, hold the file flat against the board and sharpen the edges until they are all square. Then use the whetstone to remove any visible nicks and scratches.

Here is another site that can help you sharpen your snowboard.