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Snow Sports articles focus on the many ways you can keep in shape during the winter months. Learn more about the Iditarod and Olympic sports such as the biathlon and luge in these snow sports videos.


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How Curling Works

Curling seldom gets respect from the average Olympic watcher, what with its stones and brooms, and its leisurely pace. Yet this ancient sport dating back 500 years is growing in popularity. And it's harder than it looks.

Learn Proper Snowboard Care

Learn proper snowboard care in this article. Find out more about proper snowboard care.

Freezing to Compete: Winter Sports Pictures

Snow and ice don't slow down these athletes! Hit the slopes and check out these skiers, snowboarders, skaters, and other winter athletes in action.

How can ski squats improve my skiing?

Skiing requires strong muscles and good balance, and like most major sports, it has its own set of important exercises. What are ski squats, and how can they help on the slopes?

How Heli Skiing Works

Some of us are satisfied skiing at large resorts, while others are generally happy to enjoy the skiing experience from a perch near the log fireplace in the lodge. But some brave ski souls crave uncharted territories to "drop in" on.

How Cross-country Skiing Works

If the idea of propelling yourself through quiet, snowy wilderness appeals to you, then you may want to try cross-country skiing. But what makes cross-country skiing different from alpine or downhill skiing?

How Extreme Skiing Works

Craving a rush of adrenaline? Flying down a near-vertical slope at highway speeds just might do the trick. Extreme skiing isn't for the faint of heart.

How Ice Sailing Works

When winter comes around, many sailors have to retire their hobby for the winter -- but not those who sail on ice. What is it about ice sailing that has kept this centuries-old sport popular around the world?

How Ski Resorts Work

These days, skiers usually hit the slopes at ski resorts -- ski areas that also provide lodgings. How do ski resorts grade their slopes, maintain conditions and reduce their effect on the environment?

How to Choose a Snowboard

There are all kinds of snowboards to suit all different types of snowboarders. But there's a lot to consider when you choose one for yourself -- you need other gear that matches your new ride, too.

How Snow Skis Work

Whether you're interested in slaloming down the slopes faster than Alberto Tomba or landing a sweet 180 at the terrain park, you need the right set of skis. What's yours?

How Snow Skiing Equipment Works

One dreary workday, you steal a glance at the snowfall rates at your favorite ski spots. When you discover that good skiing is to be had, you hatch a plan to call in sick and catch a cheap flight out of town. But what do you need to bring with you?

How Snowshoes Work

Snowshoes can get you to places that would otherwise be impassable due to snow. But that's not all they're good for -- if you're just looking for a winter recreational activity that's not too expensive and doesn't require a lot of specialized skill to do, you just might want to pick up a pair.

How Alpine Touring Works

What do you get when you combine hiking and downhill skiing? If your answer is "a lot of work," chances are you have yet to discover the joys of alpine touring.

How Snowboarding Works

Decades ago, bored surfers and skateboarders experimented with bolted skis and cafeteria trays to create a new sport. How did snowboarding become so popular, and is there still a rivalry on the slopes?

Are sled dogs a help or hindrance in the Alaskan wilderness?

Is dog still man's best friend in the rugged Alaskan wilderness? Would a pack of sled dogs bog you down or lead you to safety in the icy outdoors?

How Ice Fishing Works

Ice fishing is as much about camaraderie as it is about catching fish. But is this recreational sport also dangerous?

How North Pole Expeditions Work

Explorers have been trekking to the North Pole -- or close to it, at least -- for centuries. How do you go about getting there yourself?

How Mushers Work

Maybe you've seen mushers driving dogsleds across frozen terrain and heard their trademark call. But mushing is quite dangerous. It's safer to travel by snowmobile or airplane, so why would mushers put their lives and their dogs' in peril?

How Sled Dogs Work

Sled dogs carry a sled, a driver and loads of gear across icy, dangerous terrain. What keeps them going, and how do drivers keep the dogs from getting hurt?

How the Iditarod Works

The Iditarod is an adventure that defies imagination: a 1,131-mile (1,821-kilometer) dog sled race through desolate tundra, dense forest, snow-swept mountains and the frigid Alaskan coast.

How to Maintain Skis

Poorly maintained ski equipment can make skiing less enjoyable -- maybe even dangerous. You can maintain skis and ski poles in peak condition by making repairs yourself. Find out how to sharpen your skis how to fix breaks and bends in ski poles and m

How Biathlon Works

Imagine cross-country skiing for 5 kilometers, then -- with your heart pounding, your legs shaking and your fingers chilled to the bone -- shooting five targets at 50 meters with exactly five shots.

How Luge Works

Luge is one of the most dangerous sports in the Olympic games and the athletes who race down the icy high-banked track at up to 90 mph (140 kph) are a special breed.

How Bobsledding Works

Bobsled drivers and crew plummet down a hill on a track or run that's full of twists and turns. A wrong move can cause a dramatic crash. Learn about the athletes that make up a bobsled team, bobsled runs and the physics behind bobsledding.