How Ab Workouts for Runners Work

Benefits of Ab Workouts for Runners

Well-toned abs are a sign of good muscle strength in your torso. That strength improves balance and power.
Well-toned abs are a sign of good muscle strength in your torso. That strength improves balance and power.

The benefits of ab workouts are many, but runners in particular will see that these exercises help them run farther and stronger than ever before. If you persist with your ab-strengthening workouts you can expect to see real improvements in your endurance and speed, and if you've been experiencing back or neck aches, ab conditioning may help reduce pain.

Strong abdominal muscles help stabilize your pelvis and spine as you run. Without adequate ab strength, during a run, your body automatically recruits other muscles to do this work. That can have a domino effect on other muscle systems, causing aches, pains or outright serious injuries.

Lower back pain and hamstring injuries are particularly common in runners with insufficient ab strength. Other common ailments include sciatica pain, piriformis syndrome and patella syndrome. These are the types of injuries that can leave runners laid low for months at a time.

In addition to helping you ward off injuries and aches, stronger abs improve your alignment, posture and running form. What's more, you can maintain good running form for longer distances before you begin to tire. Better form also means less wasted energy, which in turn means you don't wear out as fast.

In other words, fit abs mean better efficiency. A strong core results in easier transfer of energy from your legs through to your upper body, meaning there's less wasted energy as your legs propel you forward.

One of the great aspects of ab workouts is that it doesn't take long to feel and see results. Human abdominal muscles simply respond quickly to exercise, so after only two to four weeks of regular workouts you'll notice that your core muscles feel a lot different.

Another thing to consider is that once you have these muscles in good condition, it doesn't take much to keep them in shape. Two workouts per week should help you maintain them.

Whether you're a new runner or an experienced racer looking for a new edge, you'll find that ab workouts are an extremely effective way to increase efficiency and endurance with a minimal investment. Plan your goals before you begin training, track your improvements and listen to your body to make sure you're not aggravating old injuries or creating new problems. With careful training you'll be faster and fitter than ever.

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